We are a social enterprise run by survivors of human trafficking and artists. Through collaborating we are finding a way to fund our support group, educational activities & work experience.

Our cards use photographs of handcrafted paper flowers that we have made. In four simple steps, these cards transform into a vase and flower. Please watch our online tutorials to discover more about our project. Enquire via email about commissions, events or workshops.

Thank you for your support.

  Transform : how to make your own vase

Transform: how to make your own vase

  Renew : Shop online & commission new work

Renew: Shop online & commission new work

  Rethink : Our stories & flower making tutorials

Rethink: Our stories & flower making tutorials

 Interactive Gallery

Interactive Gallery


Take a look at the design challenges undertaken by The Flower Press supporters. To submit your own successful creations please follow this link: submissions